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Am I an ‘Online Content Sharing Service Provider’ under Article 17 (formerly Article 13) of the proposed Copyright Directive?

Now that the European Parliament has approved the final text of the proposed Copyright Directive, and we await the Council of the EU’s vote for ...

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Further obstacles for Europe’s draft Copyright Directive: Disharmony in the Council of the EU

Since its introduction in 2016 as part of the EU’s Digital Single Market  (‘DSM’) strategy, the draft Copyright Directive has b...

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European Parliament approves new controversial copyright law

On Tuesday 26 March 2019, the European Parliament voted in favour of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Copyright in the D...

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Update to the Draft Copyright Directive – Agreement Reached at Trialogue

The text of the draft Copyright Directive has been further negotiated and agreed upon at the trialogue meetings between the European Parliament, the C...

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Vertical restraints in e-commerce – The European Commission’s Guess decision

On 17 December 2018, the European Commission (Commission) announced its decision to fine US clothing company Guess €39.8 million for anti-competi...

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European Parliament adopted its position on the controversial Copyright Directive

By Sarah Blair  This week was an important one in the progress of the Copyright Directive through the European legislative process, following ...

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One step closer to approval of new controversial EU copyright law

On 20 June 2018, the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) officially approved the Directive of the European Parliament and of...

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EU Commission issues guidance to online platforms for tackling illegal content online

Toby Headdon On 28 September 2017 the European Commission published its Communication on ‘Tackling Illegal Content Online’ (“the ...

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Proposed EU Regulation for the free flow of Data in the European Union

Amongst the ten European Commission priorities for 2015-19 was a desire to provide a single framework for the free flow of data across national border...

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Database protection and the impact of Brexit

Theo Savvides and Sarah Blair In the digital era, data and its collation is an increasingly valuable asset, making available essential information ...

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Building a Data Economy: With new rights might come a new obligation to license

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson, Robert Fett  The Commission has recently published its Data Economy Package, which includes a Consulta...

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What is my personal data worth? - Commoditised data as “counter performance”

A recent opinion published by the European Data Protection Supervisor (“EDPS”) has raised concerns regarding the “commoditisation&rd...

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The Emperor’s New Clothes? The Commission opens three e-commerce competition investigations

Continuing the trend to all things digital, the European Commission’s competition directorate has recently announced that it has launc...

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Copyright in the digital single market – harmony and disharmony for copyright exceptions

Theo Savvides and Sarah Blair Copyright provides rightholders with various exclusive rights over their works, such as copying or communicating them...

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Compulsory Licencing: the Brave New World for (non-personal) data in Europe?

Sophie Lawrance and Noel Watson-Doig The Commission has published its Data Economy Package for non-personal data*, which is the...

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Copyright in the digital single market – a fairer and sustainable marketplace?

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson On 14 September 2016, the European Commission published this communication unveiling its proposed Directive&...

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Copyright in the digital single market – fair remuneration for artists?

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson On 14 September 2016, the European Commission published its communication unveiling a proposed Directive on ...

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A bluffer’s guide to Brexit models

Sean Ibbetson, Stephen Smith, Noel Watson-Doig, Sarah Blair With the passing of four months since the UK woke on 24 June to the realisati...

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E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: Digital Content

Sophie Lawrance, Matthew Hunt and Zinovia Chatzidimitriadou Last week, the European Commission published its Preliminary Report in the e-commerce s...

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European Commission’s E-commerce Sector Inquiry: A summary of its preliminary findings on Goods

Stephen Smith and Alice Esuola The European Commission launched an inquiry into the e-commerce sector as part of its Digital Single Market strategy...

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Copyright Across Borders: Bitesize summary of the EC communication on copyright

On 14 September 2016, the European Commission published a communication proposing a Directive regarding the promotion of a fair, efficient and competi...

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BEREC addresses adblocking and zero-rating with net neutrality implementation guidance

EU telecoms authority the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (‘BEREC’) published on 30 August 2016 its finalised gu...

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So what does Brexit mean for copyright (and database rights) in the UK?

This article was first published on Kluwer Copyright Blog, July 2016 Theo Savvides, Sarah Blair Brexit will obviously have an impact on som...

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Brexit: What it means for competition law Q&A

Sophie Lawrance, Stephen Smith, Pat Treacy As the dust begins to settle on the momentous events that unfolded in the early hours of Frida...

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Brexit – What Next? A competition law perspective

Sophie Lawrance, Stephen Smith, Pat Treacy ​ Introduction It is difficult to think of a UK statesman who did more for European unity or was mor...

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The EU Commission's Digital Single Market strategy for Copyright and Content

Theo Savvides has been invited to discuss the digital single market strategy with the audience of LegalPD / Practical Law. The video covers different ...

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Introduction to the Digital Single Market

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Making the Digital Single Market work for you

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Bristows' Mark Watts: Digital Single Market and Cloud Computing

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Bristows' Noel Watson-Doig: Introduction to the European Commission’s competition e-commerce sector inquiry

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Competition law and the DSM – the centrality of pricing

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The Impact of the Digital Single Market on E-commerce

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The unseen risks of e-commerce...

...a timely AG opinion on technical measures for breaching the competition rules Those interested in all things e-commerce and competition will wan...

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EU Commission announces areas for action in its Digital Single Market Strategy

On 25 March 2015, the European Commission announced that it will be focussing on three policy areas in order to further completion of the digital sing...

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