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Brexit, GDPR and Data Transfers

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A question of privilege: an insight into EU privilege for UK lawyers post-Brexit

One of the more esoteric recurring questions of the post-Brexit legal landscape concerns the future status of UK lawyers before the EU courts and whet...

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Government publishes a Creative Industries Sector Deal

The Government has recently published its latest Sector Deal as part of its Industrial Strategy, a programme which aims to put the UK at the forefront...

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Database protection and the impact of Brexit

Theo Savvides and Sarah Blair In the digital era, data and its collation is an increasingly valuable asset, making available essential information ...

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Building a Data Economy: With new rights might come a new obligation to license

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson, Robert Fett  The Commission has recently published its Data Economy Package, which includes a Consulta...

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Copyright in the digital single market – harmony and disharmony for copyright exceptions

Theo Savvides and Sarah Blair Copyright provides rightholders with various exclusive rights over their works, such as copying or communicating them...

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Data Protection in 2017

This video was first published on LexisNexis Webinars, February 2017I In spite of Brexit, the European Union general Data Protection Directive (G...

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Brexit and copyright law: will the English courts revert to the ‘old’ test for originality?

Theo Savvides and Sean Ibbetson This article was first published on Kluwer Copyright Blog, December 2016 As discussed in this blo...

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Copyright in the digital single market – a fairer and sustainable marketplace?

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson On 14 September 2016, the European Commission published this communication unveiling its proposed Directive&...

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Copyright in the digital single market – fair remuneration for artists?

Theo Savvides, Sean Ibbetson On 14 September 2016, the European Commission published its communication unveiling a proposed Directive on ...

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Brexit: Why the Court of Justice may yet have a role to play…

Stephen Smith, Alice Esuola A full panel of all 11 Supreme Court judges will hear the Government’s appeal against the High Court’s ruli...

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A bluffer’s guide to Brexit models

Sean Ibbetson, Stephen Smith, Noel Watson-Doig, Sarah Blair With the passing of four months since the UK woke on 24 June to the realisati...

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Brexit won't shift UK privacy law in short-term

Bristows quoted in Bloomberg BNA in relation to UK privacy law and EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) following Brexit. ...

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So what does Brexit mean for copyright (and database rights) in the UK?

This article was first published on Kluwer Copyright Blog, July 2016 Theo Savvides, Sarah Blair Brexit will obviously have an impact on som...

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Brexit: What it means for competition law Q&A

Sophie Lawrance, Stephen Smith, Pat Treacy As the dust begins to settle on the momentous events that unfolded in the early hours of Frida...

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Brexit – What Next? A competition law perspective

Sophie Lawrance, Stephen Smith, Pat Treacy ​ Introduction It is difficult to think of a UK statesman who did more for European unity or was mor...

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